Utilize Coatings to Prevent Costly Pipeline Corrosion


According to PHMSA, over $166 million dollars was spent last year on corrosion related incidents on pipelines. Don’t let pipelines become susceptible to corrosion and weaken their structural integrity. Participate in the new NACE International Pipeline Coating Technology Conference to discover the latest resources for utilizing coatings and linings as a principal tools for protecting pipelines against corrosion.


Topics include:

  • Failure modes of mainline and field joint coatings
  • High temperature, HDD, ID, rehabilitation, fiberglass reinforced, and offshore pipeline coatings
  • State of the art of LAT FBE
  • Heat shrink sleeves
  • 3LPO/MLPO pipeline and 3LPO field joint coatings
  • New field joint coatings
  • Pipeline coating performance evaluation technologies

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